Week One

Now the 31 Days project has concluded I’ve been really surprised to see how far my project has strayed from the original intention.  I had proposed to record aspects of a building site (my courtyard) in drawings and paintings and to collect a daily souvenir from the site to create an installation incorporating all the works. A vicious winter cold and sinus attack at the start of the project forced me indoors and into working from photographs, rather than life.  I applied for the project because I thought it would give me the chance to explore further my preoccupation with the possibilities of  reconciliation between actual space and it’s representation. But working from photographs is very different from working from life and as the project shifted away from its intentions I began to draw inspiration from the American artist Jennifer Bartlett’s series of 200 drawings ‘In the Garden’ which was first exhibited in NYC in 1976. I’ve always been intrigued by ‘In the Garden’, which explored a small swimming pool and garden in the south of France. My new focus became exploring the possibilities of making images from a small rubble filled pool on a building site in an inner city suburb.