The second half begins!

I’m so glad I’ve decided to split this month into two sub-themes.  Now, I’m exploring the unintentional, organic merging of nature and culture, along with various human interpretations of naturally occurring phenomena.

Tonight I’ve been busy painting and drawing a mushroom or fairy ring – for centuries humans have made sense of these strange fungal formations as magical, otherworldly and often dangerous.  They’ve been seen as gateways to Fairyland, the mark of where the Devil has set down his milk churn, or the result of fairies, elves or witches dancing (among many other things)…

Here is a glimpse of tonight’s work amidst the mess of my mini studio!

(As you can see I’m watching Romeo + Juliet while I work!)



Here’s a zoom in shot of the previous artworks perched above my paint box


3 works

The two on the left are the last of the first theme.  The one on the right is last night’s work – the first of this second theme.  The tree has been cut down, but some new growth has emerged from a crack in the stump…  Tree stumps look so sad, but it’s amazing how a little sign of life can transform the image.