Perils of Installation

Its been really inspiring to see the other artists works and to read the their responses to the process of participating in 31 Days. All the works seem so apt for the theme of Lifeworld and yet so different. I am very pleased with my drawing and completed artworks that my participation has motivated.

Jan and boabs


I haven’t found thinking about the installation anywhere near as uncomplicated. My works are 500x500mm and so the scale of 31 installed artworks  is problematic. Many of my plans would have the installation of the work looking too big for the space or for the viewer to take in.

I want to consider ways in which I can show the nature of artworks based on my daily life experiences; a kind of equivalence to the spiral nature of experience.  The works start with a residue of past art and experience left on the original drawing that I used as a ground. I added collage or light gesso to unify it. The subject  to suit the ground was chosen from the views around me or my sketches.




Olley’s Room




So far no  plan has met these requirements. I haven’t made a decision but one needs to be made soon!