Lifeworld: ‘Blood ties’ series

This week was a interesting week for me during 31 days.

After my initial revelation on Day 20, a continuous theme for me this week was biological or blood relations, and how this lends itself to both physical and emotional connections with others. The reason why this week was interesting was that I saw my paintings change right in front of me, as if there was a refinement in the expression of my ideas on the canvas.

Some of my paintings were done using a single colour, which is quite unusual for me, as I tend to use a multitude of colours in each work. However I felt that in practicing this restraint that it led to a clear, more pure expression of my ideas.

Initially it was hard for me to translate my ideas from my mind onto the canvas. I was able to visualise the end product but I found it hard to transform this into tangible form, and it took some practice and some patience in order to create the initial work.

‘Blood ties I’ – Day 24

Blood Ties Roma Pillay