Everyday Life

I have been thinking about the Lifeworld concept as I draw in the different places and spaces of my day to day life. Apart from my studio one+2 artists studios at Rozelle I’ve been at the Annandale Community Centre where I am part of a local drawing group – I love the 19th Century interior of the hall. I’ve also been in the waiting room of a medical centre and visiting in a hospital, all interesting interiors.

Annandale Communiy Centre Annandale Community Centre Hall

Waiting Room Waiting room

Conversations 2 Conversation 2

Being busy with everyday activities led to a bit more pressure on my art making in week three.

Sometimes it led to being indecisive about the subject, its treatment or how to finish. I was especially tempted to overwork the artworks – trying too hard to ‘correct’ and in so doing reducing the quality and spontaneity of the work. Despite thèse concerns I feel I am gaining an increasing fluency in developing each artwork.