Artists at Work

I wondered if I should choose a suite of drawings that had the same subject matter – for example, I have half a dozen that feature the artists in their studios  - one+2 artists studios, Rozelle, where I work. The building, which used to be a bread factory, is large and the studio is on the second floor where thirty or so artists work under a high roof – mostly no ceiling. Its hot in summer and cold in winter, a rain storm can be deafening. But its good to be close to the weather, and I love the high angles of roof and the sweep of the interior.

31 July Studio

Sue in her Studio

16 July Avril


Avril Painting

Conversation 2


19 July Clay

Building Ceramic Forms

Libby at work

Painter at Work

Conversations 2

Conversation 2

Each artist studio is full of paintings, strung up in series on the high walls and packed into racks and under tables. The physicality of the process is evident. A nice match for my layered drawings.