Land of (business) opportunity, actually

DAY 31

Organising my final image was a rush (it’s big!)

A friend looked at my work online and concluded when he got to Day 31: Land of opportunity that I was attempting to be upbeat, especially since I had not made any comments.

Oops! I added “(business)” to the title, and here are some words:

An example of the opportunities being investigated by businesses as well as scientists appears in this article: Report From Antarctica: Geoengineering the High Seas, which includes discussion about the value of introducing iron filings into antarctic oceans. It  has already happened in a number of “experiments” across the globe. The story is by geobiologist Jeff Marlow , who traveled to Antarctica for two weeks as part of an international expedition exploring conservation and environmental issues, sponsored by BP [my italics].  “The journey brought a number of issues to the fore, including trash accumulation, ecosystems knocked out of balance by warming temperatures, and simmering political tensions over the region.” source:


Etching. image 42cm diameter. Paper 75 x 56cm