Day 13

The first thirteen days have been really exciting and challenging for me.  The pressure to create something original and interesting every day with limited time has motivated me to explore techniques and try lots of new ideas without fear.  31 Days forces you to jump in the deep end and let go of perfection in favour of exploring the process of art-making.  So far, I have already become much more aware of how I create art, and what works for me.

In philosophy and social science, lifeworld is a solid yet flexible structure of meaning that varies from culture to culture.  I am particularly interested in the importance of categorisation within different lifeworlds.  Categories divide, label, and ultimately elucidate the mystery of existence.  I am exploring the categories of ‘nature’ and ‘culture’ that are often taken for granted within our own lifeworld.

During the first fifteen days, I am focusing upon how we consciously combine nature and culture.  Whether we put plants in our home, or hang something like a wind chime or even a swing in a tree, the subtle merging of nature and culture creates a sense of sacredness within everyday life. Both of these works intend to convey this:


(Both works have been created with watercolour, acrylic, ink, and embroidery)


I only have two days left of exploring this concept.  Time has flown!  From July 16th I’ll shift my focus to the unintentional or organic merging of nature and culture. This will mostly consist of nature taking over civilisation, animals appropriating human artefacts, and anthropomorphism.