Day 1 to 16



I have been working away for the past 2 weeks, but haven’t had a lot of time to post.

So here are the beginnings of my 31 Days project.

I am inspired by the ever -changing and growing human form.  Whether it be physical, emotional, situational or psychological.  Over the course of the 31 days I will be painting on only 1 canvas.  The subject on this canvas will change each day.  He will become a moving painting.  The project is based around my observation of a friend called Simon.

The ‘moving painting’ over a period of 31 days allows the subject and the audience to share a lived experience. The experience of the subject is lived through the brush and the flesh of the oils, and this subsequently merges with my bodily experience of physically painting the subject repetitively according to my mood and emotional capacity of each day of the month