Collage – multiple meanings

A Man's World A Man’s World

‘A Man’s World’ started off as a drawing done many years ago about the death of my father. A somber topic, the drawing not so well executed. I added strips of a Good Weekend article about death camps in Poland. Good Weekend is great collage material – good weight and ‘tooth’ for drawing over. Here I was influenced by ideas in the initial work and collage. I considered a number of images that would link with both the meaning and design of the composition. Given the time constraints, I went for the image of the Hyde Park Gallipoli Memorial reflected in the Pool of Remembrance. I had drawn there previously, but used an internet image as the basis of the design.

The title came from another strip of collage related to ‘man caves’ – in particular, arrays of tools.

Olley's Room Olley’s Room

I had used the pictures from the ‘man cave’ article earlier. Then I looked through the little sketch book that I have been drawing in feverishly all July and discovered that the only composition that related to the flat patterns was a sketch I had done at the Tweed Regional Gallery’s Margaret Olley rooms. The massive accretion of her aesthetic objects made a delightful design over the nuanced colour and patterns of tools.