Chidzey Biography/Statement

Chidzey is a sculptor and land artist, driven by imaginative juices flowing from our creator God. This takes the form of: prophecy through art; highlighting environmental responsibility; and promoting social justice issues.

Husserl coined the term ‘life world’ formalizing the concept of shared experiences to establish the individual, and with Kraus extending the concept of ‘life conditions’ of a person’s actual circumstances in life. The lifeworld, in contrast, describes the subjective perception of these conditions.

Within this construct, I am focusing on the universal shared experience of death, grief and mourning, and consequent subjective perception. Each day of the 31 Days I wish to dedicate to individuals in my ‘life condition’ whom have passed away,  acknowledge to being near to passing, or have undergone a personal circumstance which induces a grief response; and then explore one aspect of the personal meaning and significance each has had in my life, helping shape my ‘lifeworld’.