31 days: In order of appearance

So all along when I was completing my 31 days pieces, I was thinking that the works would be displayed in chronological order. However in the last week I have changed my view on this, and considered that perhaps the work could be displayed in another sequence.

Initially I was thinking that displaying in chronological order was standing up to the 31 days timeline and therefore this was the best way. However I realised that perhaps this exhibition is not necessarily about 31 days in order, but rather the 31 day period in its entirety.

Also by not necessarily displaying in chronological order also means that I can take a step back and look at my work and extract overarching themes from the works, and order them accordingly. It is like I am analysing my works to figure out what the underlying concepts are. Even for me, this is a revealing exercise to analyse the themes appearing in my lifeworld over this period of time.

Some of my works when arranged in the daily sequence already lend themselves to be expressing similar concepts, such as my ‘Blood Ties’ paintings. However, this is not the case for all of them.

I was surprised even during the process at how different my works were on a day to day basis, which shows that my lifeworld is quite a volatile place!

I spent some time on the weekend laying out my works, it’s not finalised yet but I am getting there!

Roma Pillay paintings

Roma Pillay paintings 2

Roma Pillay paintings 3